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Eating Healthy On A Busy Schedule Secrets Revealed


Busy lifestyle and trying to eat clean and healthy……..NOT EASY!!

Does this sound like the situation your in?

Do you find yourself just constantly on the move and missing meals and settling for lower quality food or even worse skip meals?

For a lot of working people it seems like our life has gotten so busy and were expected to muli-task and expected to keep up. However, along with keeping up with all of these everyday tasks where is our time left for eating healthy? We read all the newspaper, magazine and online articles telling us how important it is but we could be close to closing a deal the last thing on our mind is eating healthy.

Then finally when we realize we are super hungry all that is readily available is fast foods so eating healthy isn’t always an option when dealing with this type of schedule. Even when going to restaurants it can be a challenging task and trying to pick out a “healthy” option if there are even ANY options on there that fit this criteria.

If you are anything like me you’ll know I stress if I don’t know where my next meal is coming from causes me unneeded stress!!

OK so I’ve been done that road and I have battled through trials and tribulations to establish best practices and it really helps me maintain my abs. Here are 5 tips that can help you too!

1. Meal Prep must be done in advance – Have you ever heard this saying? “Failure to plan, you plan to fail”. I have found this is not only the most efficient but it is the MOST successful way to eating healthy which leads to your weight loss or fitness goals. Secondly, it also leaves more money in your pocket because your not eating at restaurants all the time. Now sometimes when I do have a cheat meal when I pay around $60 for a meal in my mind I find myself saying wow with $60 I could have bought a whole bunch of chicken breast to cover another week along with lots of Asparagus.

Disclaimer: this is not meal prep ;)


So just to give you an idea and trust me at the first prep it will be tough but it gets EASIER each time that you do it and then you find yourself just cooking and replenishing what is about to run out. So here is what I do each Sunday evening;

I take about 2 hours to prep for the next 3-4 days since I am prepping for more than just myself. Our most important macro-nutrient is protein so I always start there and get all my proteins cooked so I can get them cooling off then stored in my pan that holds it in the fridge. I then move over to my next important macro-nutrient which is my green veggies and then when its all done I combine them into the Tupperware and BOOM they are ready! My healthy fats are quick hitters like avocados, almond butter or you could choose from any of these listed here.

Now come Monday morning you can grab your containers needed for the day pack them in your meal bag and roll. So all your meals are waiting on you so your stress is gone you won’t be worrying about where your next meal is coming from non-processed and high quality fuel will be going into your tummy!

2. Plan of Action When Eating Out – OK so meal prep works but what if you have to eat out because you entertain clients? OK, your in luck some restaurants are starting to catch on and are realizing people want to eat healthy but just try your hardest to stay informed for many years many people lived by the Subway tagline of Eat Freshwhen in reality you were eating a chemical. You can read the full article here and see what chemical was in their bread. OK back to business, so when at a restaurant things you want to look for are proteins, vegetables and salads because these foods are considered high quality fuel which as a result will maintain and keep your energy levels up.

Things I would stay away from are: bread, fries, soda these will drain your energy because they are low quality foods and will be stored as fat unless you have hit your macros for the day and they fit your macros (you need to understand that meal plan if you are doing this, directions here). [click to continue…]


 IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros What Is It and How Does it Work?

wtf-is-iifymSo not until recently did I start seeing several posts about this and been getting a lot of emails that asked for me to look into it. So before I get into this I wanted to start off with an analogy that will preface this post. One shoe doesn’t fit all so what might work for one does not mean it will work for you so always take progress pics. It is important that you don’t only rely on the scale because that can be deceiving in several instances just go with body fat percentage and how your clothes are starting to fit. However, one effective method I love to do is to take progress pics (one frontal, one side and one back post) once a week to see if your body is changing and if not usually I make some adjustments around the two week mark.

I can say though if you are hitting a plateau IIFYM could be a good change that can break you out of your rut and get your body started again with changes. After my initial review it helps tremendously with curbing those cheating binges I hear so many people struggle with which most of the time is the biggest reason people quit the clean eating lifestyle because they fell off the wagon.

Envision eating dirty foods but instead only eating that all day you throw in vegetables and healthy protein sources in wouldn’t that be great? Would it change your aesthetics in a positive way? NO IT WILL NOT! but wait…… [click to continue…]


Best Exercises To Lose Weight – 8 Exercises To Burn 800 Calories In One Hour Or Less

We have busy lifestyles and sometimes when we allocate time for working out we need to ensure we maximize our calories burn as much as possible. So here in this post I am going to cover how to do 8 exercises that will burn 800 calories in 1 hour or less (learn how to eat healthy while living a busy lifestyle).

Yeahhhhh baby that’s a lot of calories so listen up you won’t have to do cardio as often if you are hitting it right with one of these 8 because these are the best exercises to lose weight guaranteed.

I know many of you have limited time and want to balance life because unless your a professional athlete no one wants to spend hours a day at the gym. However, I know most of us just want to lose a few pounds so we can fit into those jeans we bought two years ago or fit better into these jeans that are starting to tighten up around the waist.

We all know by now to drop those stubborn fat pounds we need to burn those darn excess calories that we have hanging around our midsection or love handles. Some of us girls even have them on the back of our arms or inside our thighs…….hmm imagine that. Our bodies store excess calories as fat (just a small note if your eating sugary cereal, drinking soda, eating fried foods I can guarantee you that you will be storing more fat) when we go over our BMR so if you do not know what your daily basal metabolic rate is please check out the calculator and start there so you know how many calories you should be taking in daily.

Now for those that may have thought you can do spot reduction let me tell you that is not how it works you cannot do a thousand situps and expect to only lose fat in your belly. Everyone is different and will lose fat in different places and at different rates so just ensure you are maximizing your caloric burn during each workout.

These following 8 exercises (in an hour or less) are the best at maximizing that caloric burn and trust me using the elliptical machine to burn 800 calories is NOT one of them. If you tried that you would probably be there until tonight trying to reach 800 calories. Still with me? [click to continue…]



This is a supplement I take 30 minutes prior to sleeping that not only lets me rest like a baby but wakes me up fully energized!

What is zma?

Where it comes from: ZMA is a combination of zinc and magnesium asparate—plus a bit of vitamin B6. [click to continue…]


Fasted Cardio simply means doing your cardio workout in the morning, on an empty stomach. The reasons for–and against–fasted cardio are far and wide. However, Fasted Cardio is becoming increasingly more popular, especially for those that are trying to maximize their fat loss. [click to continue…]


Each and every butt is totally different.

What makes them round, firm, or bigger is totally different. Not every butt workout is going to produce the exact same results as seen on someone else.

There are four basic types of butts. Luckily, there are certain exercises out there specifically for your butt type!

But, first, what’s your butt type? [click to continue…]


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