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When you’re improving your overall health and diet, it can be hard finding items that are actually good for you.

For us, we consume a lot of egg whites every single week. We were finding it difficult to find a quality egg white product without having to go to the farms ourselves and get cracking a lot of eggs.

However, lately who else is just having a hard time finding egg whites at Wal-Mart, Randalls, HEB or anywhere lately because of the shortage of egg whites?

We had to find a solution and that was when we were introduced to MuscleEgg egg whites.

We’ve now been using MuscleEgg egg whites for just over 1 month, and find ourselves consuming even more egg whites then we were before (hence our gainz).

There are approximately 14 dozen in every gallon that is 168 egg whites per gallon!

Muscle Egg Flavored Egg Whites Review 

For those not familiar with MuscleEgg, they are the world’s first flavored egg white protein drink. They offer several different flavors so you can spice up your protein and even foods you’re cooking. We use our egg whites in some of the following things:

  • Protein shakes (of course)
  • Muffins/fruit breads
  • Healthy baked goods
  • Smoothies

There is a lot of uses for MuscleEgg egg whites. Anywhere you’d utilize eggs you can substitute their egg whites instead for a healthier option.

We’ve tried every flavor available and loved each. The flavors MuscleEgg has include:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Cake Batter
  • Pumpkin Spice

Initially coming into the whole idea of drinking raw egg whites there were many concerns. Searching the web for information on the safety concerns alongside taking to our trainers we finally found Muscleegg.

Addressing our concerns of salmonella (reason for shortage your seeing at grocery stores) and other health concerns with their double pasteurizing process we only had overcoming the concept.

Initially starting off we would simply add a little bit to our protein shakes. This wasn’t due to the flavor as they are extremely tasty, but due to texture and the thought off raw egg. It didn’t take long to increase the amount right up to around a cup – cup 1/2 per shake. During this time of review we were on a regimen to gain weight while staying lean.

Our trainer/nutritionist overseeing the plan saw significant gains (18 pounds) while a 4% decrease in body fat over 3 months.

The effectiveness of liquid egg whites is hands down the most effective way to get in your protein. We love Muscleegg and now have our egg whites in just about everything we consume.

Overall we were very impressed and still on Muscle Egg liquid egg whites. The variety of flavors is a great with Pumpkin spice as the hands down top winner for taste!.

Muscle egg allows us to never get bored of what we are consuming, especially with our protein shakes. When baking we generally use the vanilla flavor but it will of course depend on the item we are making.

How We’ve Used MuscleEgg Egg Whites

There has been a lot of ways we incorporate egg whites into our diets. Mainly it is within our protein shakes, but we have also tried out some recipes offered by MuscleEgg that were delicious. The recipes we will post on our blog over the next week.

MuscleEgg offers quite a few great recipes on their websites and we will of course be posting recipes we use here on Pumpd Nutrition blog.

Overall, MuscleEgg egg whites are a great addition to our daily diet. There is a lot of ways to incorporate them into your diet and even more ways to cook them. This is one product we not only highly recommend, but use on a daily basis.



P28 Breakfast Pizza

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  • 1 P28 Flatbread
  • 3 tablespoons favorite pizza or roasted red pepper sauce (should be thick)
  • 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese, divided
  • 3 ounces shredded part skim mozzarella cheese, divided
  • 6 medium eggs
  • 2 ounces low sodium turkey bacon, cooked, chopped


  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  • Arrange 1-P28 high protein flatbread on a baking tray.
  • Evenly & thinly spread either pizza sauce or roasted red pepper sauce (be sure to use a thick variety) over entire flatbread, all the way to the edges, if you don’t go all the way to edges, your edges will get crisp.
  • Sprinkle half of the grated parmesan cheese over entire pizza. Sprinkle 1/2 of the mozzarella cheese over the pizza, then using your sauce spoon clear 6 round areas to make a well where you where crack the eggs, having the cheese around the area helps hold the eggs from running off the sides of your pizza, it makes almost like a nest for them. If your eggs are bigger than medium size you may need to reserve some of the whites portion of your egg in a bowl to use for another recipe, if you have too much whites they will run off your pizza. Sprinkle on the bacon evenly over entire pizza. Then top with remaining mozzarella and parmesan.
  • Bake 10 minutes or until cheese is browned on top. Cut into 6 portions using your eggs as a guide for portioning so each piece receives an egg. Enjoy while still hot.
squeem waist cincher

Corsets and Squeems are two interesting tools used by many male and female physique competitors throughout the fitness industry.

Many of you that have been in the industry for some time may have been some part of the whispers in the locker rooms. These whispers were more so about what they were for, where to buy them but many people still were left with the question of what they did.
The simple truth is that athletes (yes both men and women) have been using them for years to trim their waistlines down, which helps attain the ideal X frame we strive for on the stage.


I am writing this blog post because many people over the last year have asked me some of my tips and tricks regarding my waistline.

So in this article I will discuss the squeem waist cincher and discuss its effectiveness.
If you look back in time the older historic pictures you saw women corsets but in the older times it was developed to keep the upper body erect and push the breast together and up.
Over the years the design has changed but the purpose has ultimately remained the same….. to give the illusion of an extremely small waistline.

Now lets step into our world today, 2014, and in todays world they are used for competition.
Women and men have been known to use corset type products and the squeem is the most used in the sport. The main purpose is to reduce the size of the waistline for the stage.

By reducing our waistline if your looking at someone’s body you see an X figure. The shoulders and legs have a wider look than the waist and if you’re in the fitness industry you know that’s a winning look and just sexy period!

If you look at the photo below here is the results of the X frame, which is the effects of using the squeem waist cincher.

squeem waist cincher

Buy Your Squeem Here!

We have several female customers that we get them on this right after having a baby because the squeem is great for postpartum support use.

So let’s take a look at the design and use of this product.

There are some women during pregnancy develop a condition known as diastasis recti, which is also referred to as, abdominal separation.

This issue is classified as the separation of the abdominal muscles into left and right halves (sounds painful right).

Normally the lineaalba, the fibrous structure runs directly down the midline of your abs is what separates the left and right side.


An article in Real magazine discussing this symptom and discusses the treatment for it.  The treatment consisted of a series of core exercises (go figure) which focused on strengthening the abdominal muscles as well as one compression exercise (think squeem) which involved manually pushing on the abdomen at the site at which diastasis recti occurs.
So with this and a few other theories the application of the squeem waist cincher came about.

Men can and do use the squeem and male bodybuilders in my mind can be compared to the use of squeems by post-partum women because of the distention observed in both men and women.

Evidence suggests the use of squeem for waist reduction in postpartum ladies seems to work over a period of time. I have personally been using a squeem and I had a box like waist and now it has been reduced.
All of our employees employ a squeem because the ladies obviously want to look sexy and my male employees some compete so they started using it before competitions for about 5-8 hours per day.


The Squeem and those comparable to the Squeem were created with the intention of reducing the waistline. Evidence shows that the Squeem and like products do, over time, aid in the reduction of the waistline in postpartum women who have had the condition known as diastasis recti as well as in men who are trying to reduce their waistline so their love handles are not wider than their lats.

Now when purchasing your squeem make sure you follow the sizing chart listed below. The first chart is for women sizing and yes it needs to be tight and usually we have customers use a measuring tape to measure their widest part of their waist.

Women’s Chart:


Men’s Chart:


Buy Your Squeem Here!


Since its Flex Friday let me post a few solid core pics below…


Buy Your Squeem Here!



No Sexy core set is complete without Bella Falconibella-falconi


Here we have Paige Hathawaypaige-hathaway


Here we have marissabishhhhmarissabishhhh

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Each and every butt is totally different.

What makes them round, firm, or bigger is totally different. Not every butt workout is going to produce the exact same results as seen on someone else.

There are four basic types of butts. Luckily, there are certain exercises out there specifically for your butt type!

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DOMS and Treatment Reviewed and No Not Dominic Torreto From Fast Five Full Movie


Ok now that we have given you a pump for those car enthusiasts or those that just love the Fast and Furious franchise like myself just got our daily fix I may actually order that movie later on Apple TV.

Now off to business….

DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness which before learning about it I just thought I was old but lets dive into this phenomenon of muscle pain.

doms-funnyThe muscle soreness or muscle stiffness that doesn’t happen the same day but usually like a day later but for me most of the time its the second and third day where it’s at its worst.

Now if you have been working out for a while you probably don’t feel it as much as someone just starting a new exercise routine.

However, I change up my workout routines pretty frequently and that is when I do feel it because your body just got tricked and this is where you make growth, gains and progress so keep that in mind keep it changing as I discussed in this post.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) describes a phenomenon of muscle pain, muscle soreness or muscle stiffness that occurs in the day or two after exercise.

This muscle soreness is most frequently felt when you begin a new exercise program, change your exercise routine, or dramatically increase the duration or intensity of your exercise routine. [click to continue…]


360test review

Based on our experience and more importantly customer feedback and results here is a little background:

Effectiveness: (9)

I feel that this product does what it claims to do:

-Promotes healthy testosterone production (low T customers verified on blood panel). [click to continue…]


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