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To continue to grow, your muscles need to be challenged in different ways. One way to vary the stimulus you place on a muscle is to change the “lifting tempo,” or the speed with which you do a rep. You’re probably familiar with super-slow training where you reduce the speed or tempo of a rep to maximize the time the muscle is under tension. At the other end of the spectrum, you can increase the speed and make the movement faster and more explosive, thereby stimulating the muscle in a different way. What role does rep speed play in muscle gains and is one rep speed more effective than another?

What Rep Tempo is Best for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy?

According to one small study, fast rep speeds may be more effective for building strength than slow reps. In this study a group of young males did 4 sets of bench press, completing 12 reps with each set. One group used a fast rep tempo, completing each rep in 1.5 seconds, while the other used a slow rep speed, finishing a rep in 6 seconds. At the completion of the study, researchers measured one-rep max on the bench press exercise and compared them to values measured before training. How did they fare? Participants who used a fast rep tempo experienced greater strength gains than those who used a slow one – not surprising since a fast rep tempo maximizes recruitment of fast-twitch fibers, those optimized for strength and power.

What about muscle hypertrophy? What’s most important for muscle growth is exposing muscles to progressive overload AND maximizing time under tension. With high-velocity reps, your muscles spend less total time under tension compared to when you slow down the speed of your reps. Because you’re moving the weight quickly and using more momentum, you can use more resistance. This is beneficial for developing strength, but it also comes with a price – less time under tension due to the speed of the movement. For this reason, a fast rep speed works well for developing strength and for increasing power – but slow rep speeds are better for muscle hypertrophy.

 Varying the Rep Speed

As you might have guessed, there isn’t a right or wrong rep speed. The rep speed you use will depend upon your short-term and long-term goals. If your primary goal is to become stronger, become more powerful or improve your performance in sports that involve power, fast rep speeds will help you accomplish that. If muscle hypertrophy is your main goal, average rep speed and super-slow training maximizes the time your muscles spend under tension, giving your muscles a strong stimulus to grow. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between the two. Alternating rep speeds, by doing slow reps during one training cycle and fast, explosive reps during another cycle, will help you avoid a plateau.
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Wanna HIIT It?

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With many having competition prep seeming to be right around the corner (about few weeks away!), I’ve started to *think* about cardio. It’s going to be added as a tool for weight loss, but will be used strategically.

I actually enjoy cardio. Blame it on the years of cardio activity I’ve done in the past, but I really do like it – getting sweaty always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. However, there are better forms of cardio you can do to reach your goals without burning yourself out – our goal during prep is to lose body fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible.

Cardio burns through calories, which is what you’re looking for when trying to lose weight. However, logging hours and hours on a treadmill each week isn’t going to help you in the long run (no pun intended). Pounding away on these machines will flood your body with inflammatory hormones, spark your hunger for the rest of the day, and potentially erase any strength training gains you’ve made, not to mention the stress on your joints!

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Each and every butt is totally different.

What makes them round, firm, or bigger is totally different. Not every butt workout is going to produce the exact same results as seen on someone else.

There are four basic types of butts. Luckily, there are certain exercises out there specifically for your butt type!

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Phil Heath 4 Time Mr. Olympia Winner Sample Workout and Tell All At Pumpd Nutrition in March 2015



Phil Heath graduated from University of Denver but not only with a degree but with four years of basketball but when he was done he decided not doing unconventional things. He didn’t want to join the corporate world nor did he want to just do what was “planned” for him. He decided to dedicate his time to hitting the iron and just growing huge amounts of muscle. I just a few years time the transformation from a basketball player to a professional iron slinger was born.

When you watched the video above many of you that I have interacted with have heard me say this before but Phil Heath nailed it, you must believe it before it happens. Phil Heath believed it before jumping on that stage in 2013 and he visualized it. Along with that powerful mindset and taking action daily with his eating and working out he accomplished and wrote history again by winning Mr. Olympia for the third time!

Well it is an honor and privilege to know announce Phil Heath will be coming to Pumpd Nutrition in March 2014. Stay tuned for date and times!!!

Some of his secrets as he progressed in his career he spent probably 30 minutes training for basketball but when you train there its for more explosive moves but with bodybuilding he is training specific muscle groups for 1 to 2 hours. So in a week he is training for roughly 20 hours a week over 6 days a week. Talk about #beastmode!

Phil Heath is more of business man which he does a lot of meetings, running his website and promotional events so there are days where even 4x Mr. Olympia himself will say how am I going to get this in. However, if he takes a day off how would that help him achieve his goals? He does mention that [click to continue…]


You’ve been working hard in the gym, pushing up more weight each week, being sure to get in a proper pre- and post- workout shake, and giving your body the rest it needs to recover so it can build itself back up stronger than ever before.

But is there something else you could be doing to take your progress up one more level? After you’ve gotten the basics down and have a firm understanding of what you need to be doing in the gym, it’s time to look at some of the additional things that do help you push that little bit extra in the gym that take your results over the top.

One compound that can serve this purpose is nitrix oxide (vasodilator). What is nitric oxide and how does it help you? Let’s have a closer peek at all this supplement has to offer.


If you find you’re putting in a great amount of effort in the gym, but you’re so fatigued the next day that it takes you a few days to recover, nitric oxide can help.

What this supplement does is help to support the amount of blood flow to the tissues by encouraging the smooth muscles in the body to relax, therefore allowing more oxygen delivery to get to the working muscles.

Since one of the primary factors in a speedy recovery is being sure that plenty of nutrients get to the muscle tissues after a hard workout, blood flow is really going to make a difference.

Note that you won’t notice as great of results if you are not taking in a proper post-workout shake and meal to follow, but as mentioned above, once you’ve got that taken care of, that’s when you’ll clearly see the impact that nitric oxide has on you.

When you recover faster between sessions, this means more frequent weight training workouts, which typically translates to better results. Remember though that more frequent weight lifting workouts without full recovery translates to poor results and over training, indicating just how important recovery is. If you hope to workout often, you better look after this issue.


Another thing that nitric oxide is going to assist you with is fatigue. If you’re finding that as you’re going about your workout session, fatigue is a limiting factor in your workout, this is a supplement that can help.

As you perform your weight lifting exercises, the body rapidly begins to run out of oxygen. When it does, you’ll start to get lactic acid build-up forming in the muscle tissue, which then generates quite a high level of fatigue.

Often, this fatigue is felt as a burning sensation and causes you to cease exercise. If you’re attempting a higher rep protocol – into the 8-12 rep range – this build up of fatigue can be extremely limiting on your progress. So if you can get more oxygen to the tissues, thereby reducing the amount of lactic acid build-up and correspondingly the amount of fatigue, you will dramatically reduce this issue.


If you’re an endurance athlete training for a distance event, nitric oxide can also benefit you. Often this supplement is thought to be more of a strength athlete aid, but believing so would be a mistake. Since endurance performance also heavily depends on the amount of oxygen getting to the muscle tissues, blood flow delivering oxygen will help you work longer without tiring out.

Those who are training for endurance and will be racing at an altitude much higher than they are used to will want to strongly consider supplementing with nitric oxide. At higher altitudes reduced ability to take in oxygen is particularly noticeable. By using the supplement you will help to offset this so it feels more like your usual training conditions. [click to continue…]


DOMS and Treatment Reviewed and No Not Dominic Torreto From Fast Five Full Movie


Ok now that we have given you a pump for those car enthusiasts or those that just love the Fast and Furious franchise like myself just got our daily fix I may actually order that movie later on Apple TV.

Now off to business….

DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness which before learning about it I just thought I was old but lets dive into this phenomenon of muscle pain.

doms-funnyThe muscle soreness or muscle stiffness that doesn’t happen the same day but usually like a day later but for me most of the time its the second and third day where it’s at its worst.

Now if you have been working out for a while you probably don’t feel it as much as someone just starting a new exercise routine.

However, I change up my workout routines pretty frequently and that is when I do feel it because your body just got tricked and this is where you make growth, gains and progress so keep that in mind keep it changing as I discussed in this post.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) describes a phenomenon of muscle pain, muscle soreness or muscle stiffness that occurs in the day or two after exercise.

This muscle soreness is most frequently felt when you begin a new exercise program, change your exercise routine, or dramatically increase the duration or intensity of your exercise routine. [click to continue…]


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